the cauldron street food van based in Devon.  Serving modern street food to the South West.


We are...

Al and Hannah James.  We first met back in 2005 whilst working as chalet chefs in the French Alps. We spent the next year not paying each other much attention... but one night on our second season after three or four Long Island Iced Teas too many, this all changed and we were soon moving to London as a couple to pursue our careers.


Hannah completed her teacher training and took a job in one of Ofsted's top rated London schools. After a stint at a top Spanish restaurant I became the Senior Sous Chef at renowned London caterers Party Ingredients; where I catered at many weddings, several state banquets, The Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Parade.


After geting married, the birth of a son, and with another one on the way we decided it was time to move back to our beloved Westcountry to raise our family.


Out of the melting pot of ideas based around our love of London's urban street food scene and wholesome country cooking, the concept of "Arcadian Street Fodder" was born! The Cauldron is bang in the middle where the edgy, graffiti clad streets of the metropolis meet the quaint and charming farmers markets of the country.

We do..